What we do

Data Mastery Inc. offers several services that can be contracted individually or in combination to assist you in evaluating, planning, designing, and launching your Master Data Management program. We leverage our highly-acclaimed, proprietary Master Data Marketplace Model™ on our engagements. This model is technology agnostic, incorporates both data governance and data quality, and has been proven to create a long-term sustainable MDM solution across multiple data domains and industries.

Our service offerings include:

• A 1-day MDM seminar exploring key MDM functions and features. The Master Data Marketplace Model™ is introduced and described.

• A comprehensive assessment of your current MDM program and delivery of recommendations with a detailed plan to improve and grow your program.

• Elicitation of requirements and development of a strategy and business case for a new or renewed MDM program.

• Design of MDM data models and processes.

Please contact us to learn more about our services and how Data Mastery Inc. can assist your organization on its MDM journey.

Email: info@datamasteryinc.com