About Us

The goal of Data Mastery Inc. is to improve business through effective IT solutions. After gaining experience over more than three decades in several areas of IT, I believe that the best place to begin is by focusing on the key data representing the “who, what, and where” in business transactions, events, and communications – the organization’s master data. While in leadership positions within Fortune 500 companies, I’ve successfully developed strategies, created business cases, designed data models, and launched MDM programs. The experience of leading MDM solutions for several years following implementation provides valuable lessons and insights that few other MDM professionals possess. My MDM experience spans multiple industries and business areas including digital, finance, marketing, operations, supply chain, human resources, and legal In addition, I bring a unique perspective to MDM shaped by IT leadership roles in customer-facing channels, customer analytics, risk management, database management, data movement, and B2B marketplace.

I’ve been a featured speaker at several national conferences including Enterprise Data World (EDW), The Data Warehouse Institute (TDWI), Enterprise Dataversity, Data Governance/Information Quality (DGIQ), and Business Intelligence Innovation Summit. The positive reception to my perspectives and approaches from colleagues, leadership, and conference attendees, over the years encouraged me to form Data Mastery Inc. to assist others on their MDM journey.

Frank Cerwin
Data Mastery Inc.